Sadie A was our great grandmother. She was a woman of the 1900's who against all odds of the time, graduated high school at 16 and college by 18.  She helped change the role of women by becoming an entrepreneur and president of two companies. Sadie A was our role model in all things women, education, mothering, philanthropy and her classic style. Her staple uniform of perfectly matched suits and shoes, wearing her signature coral lipstick, matched her personality and sense of style.

 Fast forward to the present generation, Sadie A, our sister and namesake is dominate, confident and passionate for a large life while her sense of style is feminine.

Sadie A. was inspired by the women that raised us and the women that continue to give us strength and beauty.  Sadie A celebrates colorful women who are not afraid to live life to the fullest and do the unexpected.  Our products are mirror images of the wearer, eccentric, worldly and vibrant.


xx Hayley & Shelby